Larry Fedora Wednesday Quotes

Larry Fedora Wednesday Quotes

Larry Fedora answered questions on this morning’s ACC teleconference. Here are the highlights.

“We’re coming off a very productive bye week for us as we prepare for a very difficult conference opener in Georgia Tech. Our guys had really a good week and a half of preparation, and so we’re looking forward to getting to Atlanta and kicking the ACC off for us.”

On the defense’s improvement since the season opener

“Hard to tell you that. I think we played better in the game against Middle Tennessee State. Obviously, the talent level was different, but there were fewer mistakes. We had guys flying to the ball, we had guys making plays and creating turnovers, so I want to say that we’ve gotten better. I want to say that we’ve gotten better in the bye week, also. Obviously, everybody knows the task at hand when you play the triple-option and what it brings to the table, so we’re going to have to do a tremendous job in that aspect of the game.”

On what he’s looking for from the defense against Georgia Tech

“Well, we’ve got to play assignment discipline. That’s going to be very important. Everybody has got to take care of their job. We’ve got to defeat some blocks. We’ve got to get off of blocks and we’ve got to get as many hats on the ball-carrier as possible.”

On keys to stopping triple-option and benefits of perhaps playing two triple-option teams in a season 

“I always think experience is good. I think it helps you, because really no matter what you try to do in a week from practice with a scout team running that offense you cannot run it the same way that Georgia Tech’s going to run it. The speed of the game, the speed at which they run the plays, you can’t duplicate those in a practice, so it’s kind of an eye-opener for your kids for the first time when they get out there for that first series, or first couple series, just the speed of it before they settle in, so your guys have to understand that. If you’ve played against it early in the year, you have a little more experience and you’re not as surprised by it.”

On the contrast in tempos between the two offenses

“The more times you snap the ball on offense . . . you’re more likely to do something to hurt yourself, unless you’re a very, very disciplined football team. Their style, it’s what they do. It is what they do. It’s just a different philosophy, there’s no doubt about it, and Paul’s been successful with it. Do I want to put the defense right back out there if they’ve been out there for 15 plays? No. I definitely don’t want to do that. Does that mean I go out and milk the clock? No, probably not. That’s not what we do. We would not be able to do that offensively and have any kind of flow in the game.”

On if the two styles could be more different.

“Probably not, and the thing about it is, both of them can be successful. It’s the game of football. There’s different philosophies, different styles, and the great thing I think is you have a philosophy and you make sure it’s sound and then you believe in it and that’s what you do. Obviously, Paul’s done that and we’ve done that, and we’re going to see Saturday which one plays the best, and usually that’s the one that will come out on top.”

On Georgia Tech occasionally using a diamond shotgun formation.

“Obviously it’s a totally different style of offense. You have to prepare for the triple option and you spend your time preparing for the triple option, and then they get in the gun and a three back set back there that is in vogue right now across college football and it makes it difficult. It’s two different styles of offense and they’re able to do that because of Vad Lee. Vad’s a very talented young man who can beat you with his legs or with his arm and I think what they’ve done is they’ve put together pieces of both of those offenses to be very, very successful and it makes it really, really hard on your defense.”