Q&A With James Michael McAdoo

Q&A With James Michael McAdoo

North Carolina Men's Basketball Media Day

Junior Forward #43 James Michael McAdoo

 On offseason this year as compared with last year:

"I think it's night and day.  I think I put in a lot of time this year-I know I did.  And I know I got a lot better.  And I know I'm ready for this year coming up to be a leader for this team.  I just need to show that out there on the court."

On his game this year as compared with last year:

"I think the biggest thing is that you saw late in the year, I wasn't that much of a factor on the offensive end, as far as just being the center and everything, so I feel like this year, I'm just really working on my game, where I'm playing at, whether that be on the perimeter or in the post. I have really mastered a couple of moves that I'm really prepared to go to.  But also on the defensive end, being able to guard the perimeter but also being a better defender in the post [is one improvement]."

On the small vs. big lineup:

"I think this year, with the progression of Joel [James], Desmond [Hubert], Brice [Johnson] and now we have Kennedy [Meeks] on our team...I mean, it's not even a question if I'll be playing center this year. So, I think it's really just a burden off of me to know that I'll be able to play the power forward position [and] really be able to exploit my matchup against another guy."

On who is going to be the dark horse for the team:

"I think that's definitely Joel.  I mean, last year, he didn't play that much at all.  I had to play the center.  And, I think, he kind of took that personally that coach didn't trust him enough to have him out there on the floor.  So, I think, with he and I in the back court, great things could happen."

 On the extra work that P.J. Hairston has had to do to:

"We haven't really talked about it, but we've seen him when we've been in the gym, he's mostly here.  In the early mornings, when I come in here and work out, he's here usually doing some running with coach or doing other things in the classroom where I see him try to get caught up with everything, but for the most part, I think that's between he and Coach.  We know Coach Roy is going to handle it."


On P.J. Hairston:

"I think he's very confident.  ...  I think he, as well as us, are just focusing on this year, this year's team, and just getting ready for practice tomorrow.  And just trying to start playing together."

On practice Friday and Hairston in limbo for playing this season:

"It's definitely something we're focusing on once games start rolling around, but as far as practice goes, we're just trying to prepare and get ready for that.  I'm not really sure what it's going to look like.  ... I think everything will work out for the best."