Larry Fedora Wednesday Quotes

Larry Fedora Wednesday Quotes

Larry Fedora addressed the media on Wednesday’s ACC Football Coaches Teleconference.

“We are preparing for Boston College this Saturday, a team that we know that’s going to be a physical, hard-nosed football team that’s going to run multiple formations and multiple shifts and bring the ball downhill at you and be physical on offense. And defensively, they’re going to use a lot of movement, a lot to try to confuse you in a lot of different ways on defense and put a lot of pressure on you. I know they’re going to be very sound in their special teams. Steve Addazio’s done a very nice job with this football team. Their three losses are to three very good opponents and we understand they’re hungry to win out, as we’re hungry to be 1-0 this week.”

On concerns facing the Eagles and running back Andre Williams:

“First of all, I’ve been very impressed watching them on film. They are a physical football team and they are bringing the ball downhill. Like I said, a lot of different formations, a lot of different shifts, a lot of different motions to create problems for your defense, to get you out of a gap, miss a line, have miscommunication, all of those things. And then, the running back is pretty special, obviously. He’s what, number five or six in the country and they are going bring it downhill and then try and beat you with the play-action pass.”

On the Tar Heel run defense against Williams:

“We’re going to have to commit ourselves to stopping the run, that’s for sure. We’re going to have to play extremely well with a lot of energy, we’re going to have to match the physicalness and we’re going to have to bring it all on Saturday.”

On the players bouncing back from the loss to Miami:

“Their guts were ripped out Thursday night. That’s tough. Any way you cut it, that’s going to be a tough situation, but I think our guys have already put it behind them. We’ve moved on. Win or lose we try to do that very quickly, and our guys have moved on and we had a great practice yesterday. We’re bouncing around and we’re going to take the things that we learned from the game and make the corrections, but we’re also going to build off the good things that happened in that game.”

On concerns about team’s mentality at 1-5:

“I’m really not. Mentally, I think our guys are fine. They know we’re extremely close, we’ve just got to make a break for ourselves. We can’t make the mistakes that we’ve made and win a close game like we did the other night. We have to overcome whatever mistakes we made, we just didn’t find a way to do that. But I think mentally our guys are fine. They’re pretty tough mentally and they’re going to continue to fight and scratch and claw and find a way to get it done.”

On Eric Ebron’s impact on the offense:

“I’ve been very fortunate to have those types of players in this offense, and those are the kind of guys that we develop in this offense. Eric, when we got here, we realized that he was going to be a special talent and it was teach him what we needed him to do as quickly as possible and then find multiple ways to get the ball in his hands. We’re not the typical, attach a tight end and then throw him a boot or a naked every blue moon. We believe in utilizing his skills. He’s a big-bodied guy that is very, very skilled, very talented. He can run routes like a wide receiver. He obviously can catch the ball like a wide receiver. He’s got great body control. He does a great job of blocking the perimeter and blocking at the point of attack, and so he creates a mismatch for the opposing teams, whether they’re going to try to match him up with a linebacker that he is going to be faster than, or maybe a smaller DB that is going to match him speed-wise, but he’s then going to be able to out-body them. I think that’s the reason we like that style of player in this offense, and we’re going to continue to take advantage of our guys that can do those things.”

On Ebron fitting the new NFL mold of pass-catching tight ends:

“I’m just going to speak from the experience that I’ve had, and I’ve had four or five of them that have played in the league out of this offense. He is the best pass-catching tight end that I’ve had, when you combine his body control, his ability to focus on the ball and his speed, because the guy can really run. He can run away from people.”

On if he asked for and received clarification on the delay of game call against Miami:

“I did ask for and receive clarification, and I would prefer not to comment on anything about the officiating in that game from the other night.”