Postgame Quotes

Postgame Quotes

Postgame Quotes • November 23, 2013

North Carolina 80, Old Dominion 20


North Carolina Head Coach Larry Fedora

Opening Statement

"I'm proud of this football team for what we've accomplished, especially the way these guys have hung together and kept working hard...[and kept] believing in each other. Happy to get a win today at home in front of our fans and our students, and we're looking forward to the next one."

On the team's turn around from a 1-5 record

"You can give the credit to our staff, our coaches. First of all, they're the guys that have kept this team together, kept those kids believing in each other, kept them believing in the plan and kept them believing in the philosophy. The kids did all those things, and they continued to work hard. I'm going to tell you, they'll be out there tomorrow working the exact same way they did whether it was after the Miami loss or the earlier games. They have been very consistent throughout the year and because of that, we've gotten better each and every week. If you look at our team, we've gotten a little bit better each week. We're playing our best football at this time of the year, so it's exciting. As the head coach you watch how the team has progressed and how these young guys have progressed and how this team has grown closer together. They're having fun playing together. That's really what it's all about."

On if he's been waiting for the running game to break a big run

"Yeah, you bet. I've been waiting for it every play. It doesn't matter who the running back is, but yeah I was really looking forward to him [T.J. Logan] getting out and getting open. If you think about it, the game last week might be the worst game he's played in his life. He really responded very well."

On Marquise Williams' growth this season

"You look at what he's accomplished since he's taken over and what this team has accomplished since then. Any time you're in an offense like that it starts at that spot. The growth has come in his leadership and the growth has come in his confidence and what he's doing within the offense. He's realizing that all he has to do is stay within the parameters of the offense and good things are going to happen. That's what he's doing."

UNC Player Quotes

Marquise Williams, So., QB

On what it feels like when everything is working offensively

"It feels great. You feel like we're just clicking with everything. We were starting off slow at the beginning of the season. We're just starting to click with everything. The offensive line is blocking, the run game is improving and the passing game is improving. We're starting to click. We're starting to come into ourselves now."

On the team's younger players making plays

"The future is bright for us. We have an incredible future coming. The guys, they're not freshman to me. I just think of them as playmakers. Ryan Switzer, T.J. Logan, Khris Francis...the guys can play football. I tell them every day that they've just got to think back to high school. That's what I told coaches today, that I was going to think back to my senior night in high school at Mallard Creek. Seven touchdowns is what I wanted to get, and I was trying to aim for it. You've just got to think about it as basic football and just play the game."

On the offense's performance

"It was great. We tried to beat the basketball score. We saw they scored 82. We wanted Coach to let us kick the field goal so we could get 83, but that didn't happen. It felt good. We were clicking on special teams and everything. I wish we could have gotten 83 so we could have bragged with the basketball boys, but it was great."

Kareem Martin, Sr., DE

On the game overall

"Overall, I think the defense played pretty well.  Forced a lot of three and outs.  Overall, the performance was how we expected to play today."

On the Carolina offense

"They had talked about it all week.  They said that they would have the opportunity to put up a lot of points.  I was expecting about 40 or 50 points, but 80 points is amazing.  And just the way that we got it.  You have [Ryan] Switzer's punt return, T.J. Logan's kickoff return, and the long run he had-it was just exciting to watch, so I know it was exciting for the fans."

On the second half

"Coming out of half, coaches told us in the second half that we needed to come out with the same intensity as the first half, which we knew would be hard.  But I think that we came out with the same intensity, if not more, so they wouldn't be able to come back in the game."

On bowl eligibility

"Finally.  It took long enough.  It feels great to know that next week is not our last game.  Next week, we're just trying to get to a better bowl.  Tomorrow, we'll come in here and watch the film, watch the Duke film, and get prepared from there."

Quinshad Davis, So., WR

On his performance overall

"We just had our mojo today.  You know, we might have had our secret juice.  But everybody was out there making plays.  The young guys and older guys, so we just had that chemistry today.  We wanted to play a complete game, and we did today."

On Marquise Williams's performance

"He just had consistency.  Over the last couple of weeks, he's been playing phenomenal.  He's just kept it up.  He's been doing a great job with his reads and knowing where to go with the ball and know what to do.  He's just been doing a great job, and hopefully he'll keep it up."

On the trick play in the 1st quarter

"It was just a slow-developing play.  We had the safeties come down on the run fade, and we did a little play-action run fade, and I sold it really well.  It was a touchdown by myself."

T.J. Logan, Fr., TB

On the game overall

"The best part of the day was just getting in the end zone for the first time in a while.  That was a good part for me, just to get my legs running under me and just get out there."

On the younger team

"It was definitely fun.  When I was a freshman in high school and I got out there, it was always exciting."

On building on today

"We try to move on.  We can't dwell on what we just did.  We've got a great team and Duke we have to play, so we have to come out and be ready."

On the atmosphere from ECU compared to today

"The atmosphere was just that we got too relaxed.  That's the one thing we realized.  Coming in now, we were way more focused in practice and didn't try to overlook a team.  We just tried to come out and play hard."

Ryan Switzer, Fr., WR

On the Duke rivalry

"Our focus was on this week.  I'm sure I'm going to hear a lot about it, just like the State week, as the week goes on.  But other than that, it's just another game that we're able to play against a good opponent."

On young players scoring more

"It says the future's bright.  I wish we could have gotten it rolling earlier in the season, but better late than never.  T.J. Logan had a great game, Khris Francis played great.  It just says a lot about where this team is headed.  We're all excited to be a part of it."

On the game overall

"I've never been a part of anything quite like that.  But it was fun.  Everybody was able to get some playing time.  I'm just thankful that we came out and played.  Old Dominion was a tough opponent; they played some ACC teams really well earlier in the year.  If we came out like we did against ECU, we're going to get beat.  So I'm glad the way our guys responded."

On the punt return

"They weren't giving me a lot of opportunities early in the game, and I wouldn't have given myself those opportunities either.  All it takes is one, and guys were blocking great, and I saw a lane and fortunately was able to hit it.  And the rest is history."

Old Dominion Head Coach Bobby Wilder

Opening statement

"This one certainly didn't go the way we had planned or the way we had hoped. I felt like our guys had a great week of preparation. I felt like in the first quarter, we were in a good position in this game, we'd recovered an onside kick, we'd done some good things on special teams, we were trailing 14-13 and at that point it felt like everything came unraveled. Offensively, we got some penalties; we put ourselves in a position with some sacks. I felt like in the first half there were 28, 35 points that were there for us offensively with the pace and the way we were going. Defensively, other than a stop early on in the game, we just couldn't hold up. I want to say this about our defense: I'm extremely proud of those kids in the locker room. We've got three defensive starters that were out for the year, we had another 11 that were injured today. At one point we had Kanyia Anderson - who's a true freshman defensive end - playing Mike linebacker for us against North Carolina and that's not a recipe for success. Absolutely love that kid because within a week he tried his best to learn the linebacker position, he tried his best to go out there and compete and it just couldn't happen consistently throughout the game. This one will be hard - it was hard in that locker room, it was hard with those kids, but what I'm most proud of overall is the fact that, in this transition season, we found a way to get to 8-4, we found a way to have some success during the season, and this is something we'll take from this season. We'll build on it and we'll be a much better football team starting tomorrow."

On the 10 minute fourth quarter

"During on of the TV timeouts, I went over to Jeff Flanagan, the referee, and asked him if he would talk to Coach [Larry] "Fedora and if he would be in agreement in shortening that last quarter. I felt like that was in the best interest of my team to try to shorten that last quarter because there certainly wasn't anything good that was going to come from the score getting any more lopsided than it already was. I'll give a lot of credit to Coach Fedora - I think he realized how painful that was for me to ask for that. That's probably the most difficult thin I've done in 26 years of coaching and I'm grateful to him; he's obviously a class act. That was a class move at the end of the ball game, what he did with his offense. "

On if this takes away from the rest of the season

"Right now, it feels like probably the worst punch in the face I've had or anybody in our program has had. But as I always tell my players: adversity defines your character, it defines who you are. We have a motto within our program that every setback is a comeback waiting to happen and we're going to turn this into a comeback. We're going to take this loss today and this will fuel us over the offseason because as I told our players today, one of the great lessons we learned is how much faster we need to play - and that's both sides of the ball because there were some throws and catches that were there, that were broken up by outstanding players. So it showed us what we need to do to get to this caliber of play, and we're certainly capable of it based on what we did against East Carolina, based on what we did against Pittsburgh. We're certainly capable but I really feel like today we just did not have enough gas left in the tank, particularly on defense. But I'm very proud of my kids."