NCAA Chapel Hill Super Regional Game One Quotes


North Carolina Head Coach Mike Fox

Opening Statement:
"It was an incredible baseball game, and we were very fortunate to have won. We had some clutch swings of the bat by a lot of guys, a couple of them up here on the podium. Our bullpen saved us today, and I thought Chris Munnelly was a big key in the third inning to keep the score within reason. It was a big win for us."

On his trust of Trent Thornton after this game:
"We've trusted Trent from the very beginning in any role that he's been in. We have the luxury of being able to use him almost at any point and time in the game. We've done that down the stretch here. This was an incredible performance by him."

On Kent Emanuel:
"He wasn't locating any of his off-speed pitches, his changeup was floating on him a little bit, and he couldn't command his breaking ball. He basically just had one pitch there. South Carolina just came out swinging, and pretty much swung the whole day. Last weekend didn't have any bearing on Kent today."

On the level of the underclassmen:
"If you've played this many games, they're not [freshmen] anymore, they've been in tough environments before. We have contributions from a number of younger guys. They've been a big part of our success."

Freshman OF Skye Bolt

On South Carolina walking Moran to get to him:
"I think it's every guy's dream as a hitter. It's a situation that you live to be in, and I was excited to be put in that situation. I've had it a few times this year, and you've got to want to be in that situation. I love being in that situation."

On the team's resiliency:
"Hands down, they're the greatest team I've ever played for. It starts with the seniors on down to us freshmen, pitchers to the hitters. It's resiliency all the way through the lineup, and it's resiliency all the way through the pitching staff. Every guy goes up there looking to help us win the ball game and to do their part."  

Freshman P Trent Thornton

On his pitching this season:
"You want to be in the game in these kinds of situations. We've been preparing our whole bullpen to come in late in the game, and most of the time, it's been in close games, so we've had a lot of preparation. As coach was talking about earlier, we're just resilient."

Junior OF Parks Jordan

On batting in a pressure situation in the 9th:
"I wasn't feeling any pressure. I've been in that situation a lot, and I just try not to overthink anything. I hit a couple balls hard in my first two bats, so I was just trying to go up there, not do too much and center the ball and get on base for the team."


South Carolina Head Coach Chad Holbrook

Opening Statement:
"Congratulations to North Carolina. They are obviously 56-9 for a reason. As good as their pitching has been all year, the thing that has stood out to me about their team is their offensive approach, their willingness to never give in, the incredible job they do with two strikes and they have nine really good hitters in the lineup. You never really can catch your breath with those guys. That being said, we had our opportunities to win the game. We can't drop fly balls and miss cut-off men in the outfield. That led to two runs, and obviously we lost by one. The game was there for us to win. We had opportunities to win it, and we didn't capitalize on those opportunities. North Carolina, on the other hand, took advantage of a few mistakes that we made, and [Skye] Bolt there with the game-winning hit was a great at-bat against a veteran pitcher. You have to tip your cap to him. Outside of that, I'm proud of my guys for the way that they came to the park play. They gave me everything they had. They played as hard as they possibly could, [but] they just didn't play as well as they possibly could. You have to play extremely well to beat North Carolina."

On his team's approach going forward:
"You come into this situation hoping to get to game three. We still have a chance to do that. The series isn't lost. We've got some guys that have played in national championship games and [they have] got a couple rings on their fingers. They are not going to throw in the towel. It's a tough loss, credit to North Carolina. But we will find a way to scratch and claw and see if we can win one tomorrow. Then [we will] play one for all the marbles I guess. That's what our mindset has got to be. It was kind of our mindset coming up here, let's get to game three and see what happens. We still have an opportunity to do that. We are just going to have to play a lot better tomorrow to be able to get to be able to get to a game three because they have a good pitcher going, and they obviously have momentum on their side. They are a terrific team and they are playing at home, so momentum is on their side right now, that's for sure."

Sophomore C Grayson Greiner

On the early lead that they opened up:
"Yeah, we were fortunate. We had some good at-bats early off of a very, very good pitcher in [Kent] Emanuel, but they just showed the depth of their bullpen throughout the game. He [Emanuel] came out early but they were able to sustain there with the bullpen. I think their bullpen went six or seven innings and kept us off balance. We weren't really able to get anything going like we were off of Emanuel towards the end of the game, and that's credit to them. They have a great bullpen and we just didn't do enough."

Senior P Nolan Belcher

On his performance:
"It's my job to pitch to their hitters. I'm very disappointed in the way I threw. I have got to be able to go deeper in the game. Five innings, [and] five runs - that's pretty bad. But it's my job to pitch to their hitters and I didn't do that today."

Senior DH LB Dantzler

On the ebb and flow of the game:
"They are a great team and they got the big hit in the end, but like you said it was up and down. We got out [ahead] early, and they have showed all year that they can bounce back, and they did it again today. Like I said, they got the big hits and came out on top today."