UNC-Georgia Tech Postgame Quotes

UNC-Georgia Tech Postgame Quotes


North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams       

Opening Statement

"We feel good. We played in spurts, that's about the best part of it. We got off to a good start offensively moving and running the ball. Then we got stagnant and didn't, but Georgia Tech - I feel for them. They've really gotten better and it's just they've had a tough, tough opening part of the conference play. They've had by far the most difficult schedule in the league. They are going to be a load for anybody as the second part of the season starts."

 On if the team is improving

"I think we are close, I really do. I think we are close to being a good basketball team. We've got to finish plays more, and as I said, we've got to make more shots. No question about that. We had some breakdowns defensively. They shoot 33 percent [in the first half] and 39 percent [in the second half] and we shoot 42 percent [in the first half] and 43 percent [in the second half]. We're doings some good things ... The best news is - now I hope it's in my lifetime - we can get a lot better. Like I said, I hope it's in my lifetime but I think every area of the game we can improve on."

On P.J. Hairston's consistency

"Well it would be consistency if we got it [ever game], but we don't have it yet. As you said, [he shot] 1-8 and 5-11 [in previous games]. I'll take 3-6 from the three point line every time, but we've got to get the consistency out of him if he's going to be the big-time player that we need him to be."

On the team's play in transition

 "It's easier to score when the defense is not set, and that generally starts with good play on the defensive end - either getting a turnover or a missed shot and running. We haven't gotten established yet being able to run after a make, which our teams in the past have always done really well. But we haven't done that really well."



Georgia Tech Head Coach Brian Gregory

Opening Statement: 

"I think North Carolina's starting to kind of come into its own.  They've got some guys playing at a really high level. Obviously [Reggie] Bullock is playing really well, and I think [James Michael] McAdoo is starting to gain some consistency. So, for 40 minutes I was proud of the way our guys fought and competed, but their defense sped us up and we lacked composure in some key times there. At the end of the first half, we did a good job hanging tough and hanging in there. We had a couple of opportunities to cut it to four or five, but we weren't able to do that. They're a good team, a very talented team, and they can get it going offensively. Coach Williams always says when they improve defensively, that's when they become the North Carolina that everybody expects. They're a much different team than the one that opened up 0-2 in this league with their third straight win, but I think that people probably saw tonight that one of the teams they lost to was a little better than people thought when they played them."

On ACC play: 

"In this league, you need to be able to be aggressive but composed, when you play some of these teams that really deny and try to speed you up. They sped us up. It's not the hardest thing to do against an inexperienced or younger team like we have.  It's one of the biggest challenges, especially on the road. But when you look at your two starting big guys had seven of the 19 turnovers. Sometimes your big guys get even more sped up because you have to use them to relieve some pressure. It's something we need to keep getting better at."

On  trying to make a game-changing play: 

"We could never get that break. Be it one or the other, a big defensive rebound when we needed it or a made basket. The only thing, again this is no discredit to North Carolina because I think their coach has done an underrated job with this team, and before it's all said and done they'll be right in the mix, but we did miss some pointblank shots that we have to make."


UNC Player Quotes

Reggie Bullock

On the progress of the team

"I'm seeing our team gelling together a lot better, knowing their roles and what they are capable of doing. So they're just going out there, playing the game that Coach (Williams) recruited them to play."

On UNC's ball movement

"Our ball movement was a lot better in transition. In the half court set, we were a little stagnant, moving slow...not setting screens effectively to get other teammates open. We were moving the ball a lot better in transition than in the half court set."

On building team consistency

"We've been focusing on our defense, our transition buckets and players getting open for shots. Once we handle our business on defense and set good screens on the offensive end our shots will come."


James Michael McAdoo

On the toughness of ACC opponents

"Last year I kind of got a feel for that, but being a starter and knowing that every game you play a team could beat you by who knows how much if you don't show up to play. We're all learning as a team, especially the freshman. I know we all love it. We want to play the other team when they're at their best. The ACC is a great conference."

On offensive rebounding

"Coming into the game, dominating and winning the war on rebounds was definitely something that we were focusing on. First half, they definitely beat us out on that, but we came in at halftime and we focused on it and were able to play a little better on the boards in the second half."

On Rashad McCants wearing McAdoo's jersey on the sidelines

"I saw that, and I was like 'Whoa, that's kind of weird to see him wearing that.' He's one of the greatest that has ever played here at Carolina. It's always nice to have guys like him come back during the season. We're so used to seeing those guys during the summer, playing against them. It's always good to see one of them, talk to them, draw from their experiences when we're in the middle of the season."


Dexter Strickland

On getting to the rim more

"I'm not bragging at all, but I feel like my guy has a hard time keeping me in front of him. I just try to be aggressive and go right by him. I was trying to do that tonight...get easy baskets, get to the rim and try to create for others."

On the team working better together in the open court

"When we're in the open court and transition, it's an automatic bucket, and it should be. Our guys do a great job of pushing the ball. Marcus (Paige) does a great job of pushing the ball, looking up and Reggie running the wings. I think we do a great job in transition."