UNC-Wake Forest Postgame Quotes

UNC-Wake Forest Postgame Quotes

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement

"I thought it was a good night for us. I think that Jeff's (Bzdelik) team didn't play nearly as well as he wanted them to play and they missed shots that they would normally make. I thought defensively we were pretty good in the first half. We were not as good offensively; we turned it over on the break. We had three times where we would throw it through the guys' hands on the break. But still, you have to feel good about the score when you go into halftime, but I wanted us to do a better job of taking care of the basketball. Reggie (Bullock) and PJ (Hairston) both took shots that we didn't need to take but we've had a lot of games where there are more than two of those in the first half. Overall, I'm pleased. Reggie and James Michael (McAdoo) were a big force tonight. Last summer I said they needed to be a big force every night, and they were a big force tonight to say the least. Up and down roller coaster of emotions with PJ. Sunday night I was very enthused, I thought he was going to be able to play, he had a smile on his face, he went through some pretty concentrated shooting drills and didn't have a headache and the whole bit. I think he probably would have passed the concussion test that night. We set it up for him to take it on Monday and then at about 2 o'clock in the morning he got up and he was throwing up. It wasn't anything to do with the concussion, it was just he had a virus, a 24 hour deal. This morning he called and said he felt great and performed very, very well on the concussion test. So I was going to try and give him no more than 2 or 3 minutes at a time, I guess he got 12 minutes. It was good to see him back in there, but again, Reggie and James Michael were a pretty big force to put the ball in the basket."

On holding Wake Forest to under 40-percent shooting in the first half:

"I think we did try to challenge the shot, we try to get out there and we know that CJ (Harris) and Travis (McKie). And it helped us with Travis getting in foul trouble in the first half too, let's be realistic about that. We didn't hold them to nearly as good of a percentage in the second half and I thought we were going to have good precision, I think we made one of our last eight or nine shots, you don't like to finish a game like that. But, we're trying on the defensive end. I think we're getting better on the defensive end. We had some lapses where we got to penetrate down the middle and some of those things that every coach is going to find something you don't like."

On the 15-1 run to close the first half:

"We got good shots. We really did get good shots. We ran a couple of set plays and got good shots. I remember one time they got a wide open shot and missed it and we go to the other end and we're not quite as open and ours goes in. I don't look at the score very often, but I looked up one time and I think it was a six or eight point game and there wasn't much time left in the half and then I think we made a pretty significant run. We got some stops on the defensive end and ran some breaks too that we didn't throw it away. One time we had a break and Marcus (Paige) bounces it to Jackson and it goes right through his hands. Then we have P.J. shooting three free throws after a foul on the three-point attempt and he makes the first, misses the next two then we tip it out and get the ball again and miss a wide open three there too. But I thought we did play well there right before the half."


Wake Forest Head Coach Jeff Bzdelik

Opening Statement:

"Obviously the emphasis going into this game was to not turn the ball over, something that we worked on. Obviously we did a terrible job of that. They had 18 points in the first half off 13 turnovers. If you give a team that many easy baskets, it leads to a high shooting percentage, and shatters the confidence of our team, and it snowballs from there. I believe the score was 32 to 26 at one time and we had the ball on a break. And I believe we turned it over. We can't just give teams that many more possessions and that many easy points on turnovers."

Regarding WF poor shooting in first half:

 "We had some opportunities to score, and some open looks, but we missed some shots from around the rim. I believe our first couple shots were around the rim. Give them credit, they made shots. We had some opportunities and simply couldn't convert."

Regarding preparing for the game:

"You can't simulate a lot of things. You can't simulate the atheleticism, the crowd, the bright lights. At times we've done a good job, but at times we've done a very poor job."

Regarding turnovers: 

"I think we just lose our confidence quickly. We just do. You can see it in their eyes. It's something we address. We've tried different ways to approach these games on the road. Obviously you have to play well, and we simply haven't these last road games. We're going back home, and that's not a magical formulae for playing well. We have to play well."


UNC Players


James Michael McAdoo

On finding more shots:

 "It's just trying to put in that extra work and getting more comfortable as the season goes on. God is good. We were able to get that win, but none of the production on game day comes without a lot of work that I've been trying to put in."

On tonight's balance and unselfishness:

"It's definitely the key to our offense. The games that we've lost, you can see that we took bad shots and we had turnovers and that just made the other team's offense so much easier. It made our defense harder, so that's something we're really trying to work on, just getting a good shot that the whole team wants. When that happens everybody can contribute."


Dexter Strickland

On James Michael McAdoo's growth:

 "He watched some film on Antawn Jamison. Antawn Jamison does a great job of just getting the ball and hurrying up and attacking. I think that's what (James Michael) did tonight. He was just in the right place at the right time and he was just aggressive. It showed tonight."

On the team's success forcing turnovers:

"Everybody had a sense of urgency. Coach wrote it on the board before we went out there saying that we have to rebound and everybody has to play with a sense of urgency. Our guys did a great job doing that tonight. We were very aggressive from the start."


Reggie Bullock

On where the team is midway through the season: 

"We still are right around the corner from it. In the game today there were some great stretches that we had but there were still some stretches that could have done a lot better. Once we just put a whole game together fully, I feel like we'll be top 25, a top team in the country."


Marcus Paige

On the offense:

"We just moved the ball well. We got out in transition a little bit, but we set good screens and guys came off ready to shoot. Reggie made some big shots and he's shooting well. I feel like our whole offense in general ends up being smoother, especially with Mac and how active he was. Reggie's a big key to it. When he's shooting well, it kind of feeds off on other guys so our ball movement was good and he stepped up big time."

On Reggie Bullock and James Michael McAdoo both scoring over 20 points:

"It certainly helps. Everyone would agree that those are our two main guys on the offensive end and probably most consistent. To have them put up big numbers makes it easier for all of us. A P.J. three, a Leslie three, an open shot for one of us over guards only compliments that and helps us out a lot."