Postgame Quotes

Postgame Quotes

UNC Head Coach Roy Williams

Opening Statement

"First of all, before we say anything about the game, we must make sure that everybody's thoughts and prayers go out to Coach Hamilton and his family with the passing of his mom.  Leonard (Hamilton) and I go back a long way when he was an assistant at Kentucky and I was an assistant here (North Carolina).  What a wonderful guy and his mother was 96 and he said she lived a wonderful life.  Still let's make sure everyone's thoughts and prayers go out to Leonard.

"First half we were really good.  You take away the two bonehead defensive plays we made at the end that gave them two conventional, old-fashioned three-point plays.  A couple of our veterans were involved both times.  I thought we were good defensively and really good offensively.  The reason I say good defensively is because we were also fortunate that Florida State missed some shots and were pretty doggone open too.  We've got to make sure we don't leave someone wide open.  They missed some shots in the first half that they make a lot.  I liked our intensity and I liked the way we were pushing the ball.  Needless to say I like the way we were shooting it.  In the first half we were six of 11 from three, that always helps you as well.  The second half I was a little frustrated at times.  Florida State is good defensively.  Two of the last four or five years they have led the nation in defensive field goal percentage.  They switch all the screens one through four and we didn't do a good job handling that in the second half.  We made enough shots to keep it going.  They came within twelve but we just kept playing so it was good."

On James Michael McAdoo's strong early performance

"If he starts and makes his shots he is a whole of a lot better than when he starts and misses his shots, there's no question. I think that James Michael was aggressive early in the game, but I think the whole team was.  That was good for us.  When the ball goes in the basket it makes everyone a little more aggressive.  A couple of times we got some long rebounds and a couple of turnovers that we were able to run the break and push the ball.  James Michael can drive the ball to the basket as well.  We have to make sure we move the ball at times so there's space so he can drive in there.  He and Reggie (Bullock) were sensational for us and P.J. (Hairston), all three can score.  All three we had 20, 21, and 16; 8 of 11, 10 of 15, 6 of 11.  When you have guys shoot those percentages, it's going to help you at anytime."

On whether the team is comfortable with the smaller starting lineup

"I think we are still in the process of getting used to it.  I'll give this example; very few teams have tried to post up P.J. and tried to post us up in a smaller lineup and I thought Florida State did that quite a bit in the second half.  We didn't handle that very well.  We have got to do a better job of fronting the post and if you can't front him you have to get help from the top and rotate over.  That's something we know that we have to work on with Maryland coming up with Alex Len.  They have about five or six big guys that are the focal point of their offense."


Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton

On his team’s execution

“As a coach you want to try to have a system, and you want to encourage your players to get high-percentage shots. I think we might have missed out 11 out of 14 point-blank shots in the first half. That’s a hard hill to climb. And, on the other end, we had some really good open-look threes that just didn’t fall. Unfortunately, they had too many open-look threes as well, especially in transition. It wasn’t like we didn’t know they were going to push it and score in transition. Those were things we worked on all week. We just didn’t execute. We dug such a hole for ourselves on those point-blank shots that we missed in the first half. I thought it just kind of took away our energy. That’s what immature, young teams will do. They are affected more by that than a team that has been there and done that.”


On his team’s size advantage

“We got the ball inside to our big guys and we got the ball inside to our perimeter guys. They [North Carolina] blocked one shot in the first half and we had 14 lay-ups. So, offensively our game plan was pretty solid but we just didn’t execute. That’s one of those things that – sometimes it happens to a team. You get those easy looks and don’t finish. I’m sure they [North Carolina] had something to do with it. They did a very good job of bodying up against us inside. I thought that our guys just didn’t explode aggressively enough to finish through the contact. That gave them just enough breathing room to come down and make a couple threes and get their energy going. We just couldn’t recover.”


P.J. Hairston

On the team’s field goal percentage

“When I hit that first one, I just knew we were in a rhythm as a team. Reggie (Bullock) came down and hit one. From then on it was like the basket was getting bigger for us.”


On being more aggressive

“With Jackson (Simmons) coming in that’s what he wants to do. If he could live on the floor, he probably would. That’s just him. He loves to dive on the floor, he’ll give you extra possessions.”


On he, Bullock and James Michael McAdoo

“It’s like a triple barrel gun --all of us shooting at the same time. It’s hard to stop us.”


James Michael McAdoo

On the team’s energy

“I just felt really confident coming into this game. Felt a good vibe during warm ups…God is good, my shots were able to fall early and everyone else played phenomenal.”


On building momentum

“Getting off to a good start, that’s what it’s all about. Especially once P.J. was inserted into the starting lineup. The loaded offense, the floor is spread, and we have a couple of three-point shooters that when they’re hot, they’re hot. It makes everything so much easier for me.”


On the increased hustle

“We never have energy to burn. We’re out there trying to play as hard as we can, and we’re out there on the court knowing that you have a guy that can come in and back you up. The longer that we play the more comfortable we’re getting.”